Oxana Vatavu

The choice of tones for the façade design depends on the customer's taste preferences. Both can look equally interesting and stylish.

In this project, for example, the range of tones is quite large, but all four variants look bright and complete and absolutely appropriate.

I added contrasting window décor and bent ornaments on the gables for expressiveness here.
The light shades look fresh, open and welcoming.
And here I highlighted the bay window with a richly textured stone.
The deep gray may seem gloomy, but I think it fits the architecture of this house very well.

But you have to remember that a darker color will heat up more in the sun, which means the temperature inside will also rise in hot weather.

Also, saturated colors are more susceptible to fading.

Another important nuance - shades, even if in the project, sketch, visualization you are in full delight with the chosen color, in reality the selected color will be a little different, so you need to do test painting materials.

Oxana Vatavu

Summer, the sea, as not so) But you can dream.

The designs of the project are in Mediterranean style.

The main feature of the Mediterranean style — color, the walls should be light in order to reflect light and avoid overheating the rooms. So the main finish of the walls of the house in our project — beige plaster with volume application. Shutters, pergolas for plants, a large balcony, majolica over the windows contribute to forming a complete image of the house.

Nicole Climanova

The first sketch in the new project.

The customer likes the modern style and the light colors. Based on that, we suggest that the main body of the house be finished in several shades of plaster and add rustics on the bay window as a decoration. Make the plinth quite narrow, of graphite-colored stone, and combine it with planken inserts in vertical groups in some places.

Practical issues of "The Secrets of Beautiful Facades"