Oxana Vatavu

I'm sharing a tip from a recent project.

The subject of my embarrassment was the blank side wall on the second floor. It was too knocked out and looked disproportionate, so I put false shutters on it to simulate a window opening. This made the façade more harmonious and connected.

And to smooth out the impression of different-level additions to the house, the basement stone rises to the walls in a few places.

Another option that came to my mind was the stylization in the form of a half-timbered house. This way the house looks more austere and collected, also because of the cooler gray color. The decorative beams on the façade match the wooden railings on the porch.

I don't even know which option I like better, but the customer has already made up his mind, he likes the first option better.

I'm sharing what techniques I used in a recent project.

First, the sharp tongs and stone trim already create a Tudor style reference.

Second, the noble color combination of blue shutters and reddish brick. This color pairing is rarely seen here, and for good reason, in my opinion. The roof color is graphite, the most inconspicuous, so as not to draw attention away from itself.

Third, instead of the classic decors around the windows, decorative vertical brickwork.

Fourth, the same belt of brick serves as a conventional boundary between the plinth and the wall, and also serves as a crowning eaves under the roof.

Fifth, a strict pattern without unnecessary curls on the wrought iron fences.

I think we got a good example of style, correlated with modernity.

Oxana Vatavu

Summer, the sea, as not so) But you can dream.

The designs of the project are in Mediterranean style.

The main feature of the Mediterranean style — color, the walls should be light in order to reflect light and avoid overheating the rooms. So the main finish of the walls of the house in our project — beige plaster with volume application. Shutters, pergolas for plants, a large balcony, majolica over the windows contribute to forming a complete image of the house.

Natalia Puziricova

Bright shutters add a lack of color to a calm, understated façade.

It's good to support the shutters with color so they don't look out of context, which we did with the color of the front door. But it is important to feel the balance and not to overdo it, the green tiles for example would have been redundant.

Another interesting detail in the house decor — the brickwork in the framing of the windows and under the roof.

We offered the client a more contrasting option with the deep maroon wall color, which also works well with the green shutters and white rustic inlays.

Nicole Climanova

In this project, we used tinted decors a couple of shades lighter than the walls, rather than white. The shutters and wrought iron grilles fill in the empty wall spaces. And a highlight —is the concave folded copper canopy over the main entrance.

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