Nicole Climanova

The first sketch in the new project.

The customer likes the modern style and the light colors. Based on that, we suggest that the main body of the house be finished in several shades of plaster and add rustics on the bay window as a decoration. Make the plinth quite narrow, of graphite-colored stone, and combine it with planken inserts in vertical groups in some places.

Nicole Climanova

Erker — part of the fa├žade that protrudes from the general plane. It can have different shapes (round, rectangular, polyhedral) and floors. It is fixed to the facade with cantilever beams, if the support goes up to the foundation — it's already a risalite.

The photo is of a home renovation in Canada. Drew Mandel Architects architecture.

Half of the facade with its traditional bay window remains untouched, while the other half has been combined with a dormer window to make a larger projecting part with floor-to-ceiling windows. It's a good example of reinventing an existing facade with a minimum of intervention.

Practical issues of "The Secrets of Beautiful Facades"