Private facades are our expertise

Sharing the façade experience in the open course .

Specialization, Practice, Passion

Our studio has transformed hundreds of homes for demanding clients, and drawn thousands of designs.

It's hard to find another team that will come up with as many facades in a whole career designing houses as ours does in a year. We have a lot of experience.

The peculiarity of our experience is to work with already given architecture, the practice of correcting boring, unfinished projects.

We try to understand what people want, what they are silent about; to stay on the client's side, but not to indulge in bad ideas; not to be offended by a rejected design.

We know how important it is to keep the focus on the goal amidst the emotion and noise of communication.

We know the design and look of the house because we are focused - that is our core competency.

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Modern brick house AI generated
Modern white house
Wooden beams on facade
Мodular homes for the homeless in Asia
Facade sketch
Facade sketch
White stone facade
Majolica on the facade
french chateau
Wooden house

16 Years of Development and Specialization

Now our clients are country house owners.
We have also worked with engineering institutes and large companies.
Mirax Mosproect Goznak Miel Moscow Capital Bank Mospromstroy Benilux Onegino EPH Mospromstroy Mospromproect Elgad Shamoni Formex JVP Rusproject Canstroy Group Lucky Villages Modern Industria Interstroiproect

Architecture surrounds us from birth, every day. That's why it's important that the walls teach beauty, protect and uplift people.

What we believe
is our mission

— To have the most comprehensive and reliable information on residential facade technologies at your fingertips.

— To organize and share knowledge, to promote the level of building culture.

— Find and explain the best examples of facades to inspire yourself and others with the breadth of possibilities..

— To make people's environment harmonious, reliable and safe.

of energy

WWe participated in the scientific medical computing project Rosetta@Home as part of the TSC Russia team, among the leaders in power.

We found the cheapest way to clot protein 1i9x on our 3D rendering servers (56 processors in 2007) running 24/7 for two years..

Email: info@archi.capital

We work remotely all over the world.

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