Maria Krasnova

I start work on the project with sketches, step by step moving with the customer towards the dream house. It's an important stage not to be underestimated, the design is still one of the most important ways of representation in architecture. Every time I find the right image, I'm excited about making a house special, with character and uniqueness.

Oxana Vatavu

Summer, the sea, as not so) But you can dream.

The designs of the project are in Mediterranean style.

The main feature of the Mediterranean style — color, the walls should be light in order to reflect light and avoid overheating the rooms. So the main finish of the walls of the house in our project — beige plaster with volume application. Shutters, pergolas for plants, a large balcony, majolica over the windows contribute to forming a complete image of the house.

Natalia Puziricova

Bright shutters add a lack of color to a calm, understated fa├žade.

It's good to support the shutters with color so they don't look out of context, which we did with the color of the front door. But it is important to feel the balance and not to overdo it, the green tiles for example would have been redundant.

Another interesting detail in the house decor — the brickwork in the framing of the windows and under the roof.

We offered the client a more contrasting option with the deep maroon wall color, which also works well with the green shutters and white rustic inlays.

Nicole Climanova

When you come to us for this service you can choose a complete facade project that includes photorealistic renderings of the house, in-depth detailing, utilities, exterior lighting schematics, bill of finishes, and detailed instructions on how to do the work.

Or a low-budget, light version, the conceptual design, which is more of a concept search, but also relies on accurate 3D modeling so the proportions are not affected, and includes a list of the main trim materials.

Yulia Dobjinskaya

In this project we propose to finish the house with Nichiha panels and Cedral fiber cement siding. The trimmings will be decorative metal inserts with graphic pattern on the bay window.

They capture the eye on the ascetic, monochrome facade and refresh it without overstyling the style.

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