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Moscow, 115191,
Holodilnii pereulok, 3, block 1
Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00.
Phone: +7 495 646-16-35

The entrance is on Bolshoi Starodanilovsky Lane. There are also parking spaces there, which are sometimes free. Above the entrance to the building is the Apple logo. The office is on the second floor, Behind the entrance, on the right.

Saint Petersburg, 195027,
22 line V.O., 3, block 1
Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00.
Phone: +7 812 426-11-40

How to get from the subway to the Moscow office

Cт. метроTulskaya, exit at the last car. Go in the direction of Tulsky Shopping Center.

Pass the mall on the right.

Cross the streetcar tracks. Walk to a dead end.

Entrance to the office. To the second floor.

How to drive to the Moscow office

From the center

Leave the Garden Ring on Dubininskaya street and follow it to the Danilovsky valley, The walls of the Svyato-Danilovsky Monastery begin on the left. Follow to the end of the walls of the monastery, at the At the crossroads turn left on Big Starodanilovsky lane and go straight ahead till the end of the lane. lane. At the end of the alley turn left.

From the Мoscow region

Take the Varshavskoe Highway to Danilovskaya Square and turn right. Then drive 200 Then drive 200 meters to the wall of the Svyato-Danilovsky Monastery and before it turn right onto Bolshoy Starodanilovsky Lane. Starodanilovsky lane, then go straight until the end of the lane. At the end of the lane turn At the end of the alley turn left.