Nicole Climanova
Facades #13054

Frontboard — this is a decorative frame of the opening on the façade, window or door. It also has a structural meaning by closing the gap between the wall and the frame.

It can be open, U-shaped, or wrap-around on all four sides.

Each architectural style made its own characteristics in the appearance of the casing. For example, the Baroque style is characterized by platbands with ears and stucco.

A lot of stucco on the baroque façade.
Baroque window framing.

For modernism, less opulence, more elegance.

Facades #7382
Shift focus to window shape.

Russian carpentry, beginning in the 15th century, introduces openwork carved casings with abundant ornamentation.

In the conservative version of the English style, the window frames are concise, of light stone on a background of dark brick.

Facade #6341

Modern variants of the cashiers can be stylized in different directions, in coated polystyrene foam, fiber concrete, fiberglass, natural stone and etc. are used as materials.

Maria Krasnova

We are working on a project. The façade designs that resonate with the client include the façade styles of half-timbered, Tudor and Provence.

We try on different variations on the house.

The customer opted for a striking look with contrasting half-timbered decor.

What made the facade so evocative? Firstly, the horizontal layout of the decorative cornices; secondly, the treatment of the walls with natural materials in relief; thirdly, the construction of the plinth at different levels.

The most contrasting part of the trim — is the upper, stucco floor with dark wood (half-timber) decoration. On the lower floor, we already used light decors in window frames to make them stand out against the colorful Bavarian masonry tiles. The light color of the stone of the plinth with its interesting pattern makes the house easier to look at individually and as a whole on any floor.

Yulia Dobjinskaya

In this project we propose to finish the house with Nichiha panels and Cedral fiber cement siding. The trimmings will be decorative metal inserts with graphic pattern on the bay window.

They capture the eye on the ascetic, monochrome facade and refresh it without overstyling the style.

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