ArchReview #140

There are many colors, shapes and textures in this house at once, it is very much in demand now, as a reflection of the diversity of the world. We are used to a mosaic perception, a flow of heterogeneous information, and it is difficult for us to choose something single. We like the opportunity to be different. Design meets this demand.
It is interesting to even just list the types of finishes: brick, concrete, stucco white, stucco black, shingles, planken, tile. Of course, for such a variety you need the right architecture with lots of planes and volumes.
Negative space - between the two bodies of the house outlined the third, invisible.
The basement of the building is very cleverly designed. A raised horizontal slab makes the house soar, eliminating the need to finish the foundation. Through such a design you can walk to other parts of the house, or use it as a bench during a barbecue or a children's party.
The flat roof is used as a platform with a good view.

Facade #11653 from Archi.Capital base.

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