Custom Home Facade Renovation

The facade of a country house in the Art Nouveau style. Travertine

Design can make your home stand out. Avoid construction mistakes or correct them to create a reliable facade. Order the optimal amount of materials without overpaying or running out. Gain control and visibility on the job site.

It is wonderful when a home becomes a reflection of its owners' individuality. When the passion and inspiration of designers is transformed into a space that people are proud to call their own.

Slow author design

Clients want a unique design for their special home. The best facades, like all good things, come from the attention and passion of their creators. You have to immerse yourself in the task.

Suitable materials

We don't have our own manufacturing or inventory. We look for and find the best for each project in terms of budget, performance, compatibility and reliability, proven by hard experience.

Essential Start

The first stage of sketching provides creative and varied ideas. Without sketching, designers do things that are easier to model in a familiar application.

Sketches of facades in various styles Sketches of facades in various styles

Digital process

A house model and professional 3D visualization help you review the design from all angles, approve materials, and calculate areas, lengths, and parts.

3D home visualization from various angles

Engineering Nodes

Not everything that seems durable and safe at the time of installation will prove so in 10 years. A curtainwall is meant to decorate and protect a home for a long time, but in climates with cold winters and blazing sun, this can be a challenge.

Reliability is an engineering challenge. The composition and combination of layers in the construction of the wall, roof, floor, platforms, openings and decks are important. Experience in working with different solutions and analyzing problems is important. We develop assemblies individually for each project.


The choice of insulation type and thickness determines more than just heating costs. In a complex way, the strength of the wall and comfort depend on it. Suppose you can not save money and heat the air in the room, but if the inner surface of the wall is cold, there will be condensation and mold. The insulation or adhesive layer can get wet.

Facade insulation is calculated taking into account layers of construction, region, room type, seasonal moisture accumulation.

Installation guidelines

It's hard to overstate the importance of the actions of the builders themselves. For example, do you put adhesive on the tile or the wall, or on the tile and the wall? For wetting? To skim off the laitance? The size of the trowel notch? How to apply pressure? When to grout? There are misconceptions on the Internet. Our projects have consistent installation instructions.

Project Documentation

Includes everything you need to complete the project in one place: description of project tasks for contractors, bill of materials with quantities and suppliers, projections of facades, details of finishes and fencing, drawings of pies and connections of finishes and insulation, instructions for installation instructions, sequencing and site organization.

Album page from the project of facade Album page from the project of facade Album page from the project of facade Album page from the project of facade Album page from the project of facade Album page from the project of facade Album page from the project of facade
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Customer Reviews

"Restraint, tactfulness, listening skills"

Our house project is finished - we received the album with the design of the facade. The result exceeded all expectations! Thank you very much! You are real professionals! Special thanks to Tatiana Gonchar, Sergey Vatavu and of course the architect - Oksana Vatavu for her approach to the customer, stunning restraint, tact, and the ability to listen! Oksana, thank you for realizing our dream home project!!! Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to the entire team! Further prosperity to Archi Capital!

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2021-03-25

"On time, very professional"

We are grateful to Oksana Vatavu for her great patience, goodwill in the development of sketches of the facade of our house. A large and important work for us was carried out clearly, within the stipulated time, and very professionally. Oxana is a great specialist!

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2020-03-23

"Full technical description of the project"

Many thanks to the staff of Design Capital for the project of the façade of my house. And especially the architect Natalia Puzyrkova. She saw what I could not even imagine. My house was transformed. Several full-fledged versions were made. From which we chose one and brought it to perfection. It was easy and quick to work with Natalia. And the company itself made a very good impression. I especially want to note the full technical description of the project. I recommend it to everyone. Build beautiful houses!

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2019-12-30

"Painstaking work, a great job"

Everything is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much to you and the entire project team. What painstaking work, what a great job. We are just overwhelmed. Thank you, for the detailed step by step descriptions and the truly parental care. THANK YOU!!!

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2019-05-13

"Customer-oriented approach"

We received the album, the quality is excellent. Thank you for your work, patience and diligence. In my vast experience I can say that I have not seen such a customer-oriented approach in a long time. This is very nice. Good luck in your work. We received the album, the quality is excellent. Thank you for your work, patience and diligence. In my vast experience I can say that I have not seen such a customer-oriented approach in a long time. This is very nice. Good luck in your work.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2019-01-18

"Satisfied with all stages of cooperation"

In summer 2018 the task of redesigning the facade was set and solved. I was satisfied with all stages of cooperation - from the initial consultation over the phone and the subsequent site visit of manager Tatiana to the final result, which was achieved with the help of designer Maria.

, 2018-08-24

"Inexpensive, non-standard and harmonious"

Dear Sirs! Thank you for the work done to improve my future home. Special thanks to the architect Galina Andreeva for her patience and professionalism, for sparing me from the brain-racking choice between red and gray, white and green, multicolored and monochrome. I happily trusted Galina and got rid of my headache. I regret that my limited budget has not allowed to implement a very successful architectural solution, proposed by Galina in a couple of weeks after the start of her work. And before that she managed to amaze me with a series of sketches and outlines, which would be enough for a whole village - each was original and almost ready-made solution. Despite my indecision, after repeated and lengthy discussions she managed to find a very appropriate option for the facing of the house - inexpensive, non-standard and harmonious. This is aerobatics! Thank you Alexey Vatavu for the opportunity to communicate with talented professionals who truly love what they do. I wish Archi Capital success in this beautiful and creative business.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2018-06-02

"I envy your patience"

I turned to the company Archi Capital, having on hand only the draft of the structure, before the start of construction. Provided the project, photos of houses that I like, site plan. We were offered several different designs in different colors and materials. We chose the one we liked the most and then we were finalizing it in detail. They even helped us to design the extension-veranda, and slightly change the roof, the size of windows, to turn out the way we wanted. In general, we are completely satisfied with the result! Want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to AC company and personally Galina Andreeva designer! I envy your patience. I hope we didn't strain you with our "let's do it better in another way. Now we're reporting on the second floor, and we're still pestering Galina with our questions. We really like our house.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2018-06-02

"Initiative and mutual understanding"

Let me express my deep gratitude to you and your creative team for the enormous and fruitful work on my project. I am sincerely grateful to you for your initiative and mutual understanding, for your professional and conscientious approach to finding solutions. I am glad to tell you that we successfully completed the project and can put the final touches. Everything has been reviewed and approved.

, 2018-04-02

"The impression of your company was only positive"

I would like to express my gratitude to all your team Archi Capital and especially to the architect Maria Krasnova, with whom I worked directly: for the highly professional execution of the design project of the facade of my country house. The project was carried out qualitatively and on time, Maria has taken into account all my wishes and comments. I also want to mention attentive, pleasant and very responsible manager - Gonchar Tatiana. The impression of your company was only positive, because your employees - it is people not only friendly, but also, know their business, understanding the needs of their clients, qualitatively and professionally, and most importantly with love for their work. I was satisfied with the work, I have no negative moments and comments.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2017-05-24

"Prompt response to requests"

I liked Valentina's ability to listen, prompt response to requests and questions. Adjustments and various elaboration of variants were made promptly and without dissatisfaction. At one point there was a tension of misunderstanding each other, but the designer clearly understood and offered an additional meeting, we discussed and everything fell into place.

It's great that the album offers manufacturers and vendor firms. After turning in the album, the designer stays in touch, you can clarify, ask. Therefore, I would add another gradation in the assessment - "Mostly satisfied. "Partly", somehow not enough.

Thanks to the entire team. But most of all to Valentina Susina. What could be improved? Maybe I wish there was more information for the decor makers. There is a regret that not all ideas can be implemented technically, and the customer has to be put in a frame, or else the idea will be divorced from the execution.

★★★★★★☆ 6 from 7
, 2016-11-30

"Понравилась организация работы"

I really liked the organization of the work and the result. I did not expect that we could make such beauty from our initial data. The designer Maria Krasnova was creative and executed the project flawlessly, in my opinion. I also liked the work of Valentina. Responded to my requests, and more importantly, to all of my husband's comments promptly and adequately. He and I could not find a common concept, but thanks to your work it all worked out. Thank you. Best of luck in your future work.

What can be improved?: I liked everything. You just need to be ready to work together and understand what you want.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2016-10-24

"Apparently there was a line and I waited a long time"

The sketches were beautiful. The architectural solutions were beautiful. We chose details and colors together for a long time. They did a lot of remodeling at my request. I liked everything.

What could be improved?: Apparently there was a line and I waited a long time for the second house album to be ready.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2016-10-04
AC511, 512

"Основное время было посвящено проработке"

Oxana Vatavu worked with us. We immediately found a common language, the work was fast and interesting. Oxana very accurately understood all our wishes and immediately suggested an option that everyone to everyone's liking. Thus most of the time was devoted to working out the details decor. We are very pleased with the result.

What could be improved?: We liked everything:-)

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2016-06-16

"Took into account every detail"

Maria Krasnova worked on the design of the facade of our house. We were very pleased with her work! She quickly understood the task we set her. She took a creative approach to the decision on the design of the facade. She took into account every detail. She was responsive to our wishes. The work Maria performed the work clearly and on time. Maria is an excellent professional and easygoing person, which is the important thing to cooperate. We recommend her to everyone!

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2015-12-23

"You are all a very professional team"

We want to thank everyone who worked on our project (townhouse in Eden), namely Alexei Vatavu, Elena Nekrasova, Alexander Fomenko, Vasily Shestakov and Dmitry Makarenko, you are all a very professional team! Elena felt all our wishes very accurately and was (I was incredibly patient with the whims of my wife)) Thank you!

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2014-03-24

"boundless patience and responsible attitude"

After the box of the block house had already been built, it turned out that my husband and I have no common understanding of how the front of the house should be finished. After looking at a fair amount of of different bricks, including imported, as well as houses already built, finally realized that simply facing brick, even if it is expensive (as most builders do), we are categorical. builders), we categorically do not want to. Therefore we decided to turn to designers. Archi Capital We chose out of several companies that Yandex (or Google, now I do not remember) because We liked the gallery of works and the site itself was designed very vividly.

I want to express my gratitude to Maria Krylova for her boundless patience and responsible attitude to work. Not to mention her talent as a designer and artist. In all the time of her work I have never once felt from her even a hint of dissatisfaction with my endless crankiness. I confess that it took me I had a long time to decide on which version to choose, many times I asked her to add or correct something. Add or correct something, then bring it back, etc. In this sense, I am a bad customer. But in the end we got more than the design. The solutions that Maria suggested hid the architectural flaws. flaws (such as the windows on different levels). And also solved the problem of placing the boxes for the roll-up blinds. As a result, the appearance of the house is original yet rational, without any frills. Once again, many thanks from our large family to all the staff of Archi Capital!

What could be improved?: It took a long time, and it wasn't always my fault-times some of your staff who worked on my project went on vacation, and I had to wait. It wasn't a big deal to me, but to some of your future customers it might be.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2014-02-02

"the work started right away"

Very promptly. Arrived, nice girl Valentina Mahova, listened very carefully to my stream of fantasy, looked and measured the object, very clearly explained the order of with all the deadlines and possible derogations. We signed the contract and the work started right away. I don't understand who did what, but I was in contact with only Valentina, Maryna, and Natalia. The girls did their work clearly, fully, respecting all Agreements on time, price and nuances of change. I REALLY liked the result of their VERY liked the result of their work. I really liked the fact that I was heard (now this is more of an exception). Until I finish all of my repair work, I will communicate only with you. Thank you so much.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2015-03-06

"Would definitely recommend Archi-Capital to my family and friends"

We turned to ArchiCapital with a difficult task: we had to redo the facade of the house with Given the existing buildings on the site, the fence, the gate. The architect who worked with us, The architect who worked with us suggested some variants of facade design and we settled on one of them. Very liked working with the company, we felt professionalism and attention to the client. the client. I say this because we have many things to compare. Would definitely recommend Archi-Capital to my family and friends.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2014-08-27

"I am very pleased with the work of your company"

Everything happened in working order, quite promptly, all the wishes and comments All the wishes and remarks were carried out in time and understanding was quite fast. The result was not long in coming, I am very pleased with The result did not keep me waiting, I am very pleased with the work of your company. Without your help the facade of the house, and as a consequence, the house itself, would have lost a lot.

What could be improved?: Maybe real communication would lead to faster result, because words can't explain everything, particularly your vision for parts of the project and the project as a whole.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2014-01-09

"It wasn't easy"

It wasn't easy, but we did it together! For me, the main thing is the end result, and I got it. Thank you! Good luck!

What could be improved?: We need to be bolder, offer more unusual options.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2013-12-25

"I got a lot of specific professional advices"

I am very pleased with the result of the work! The designer Elena was able to grasp the essence of my wishes and translate it into the project at the highest level of professionalism. I really liked the fact that the designer did not try to impose her opinion, and tried to understand what I want. As a result Helena did a wonderful job. Plus I got a lot of specific professional advice on the details. The result is a a wonderful, unique and original design project of the facades.

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2013-11-10

"I was completely satisfied"

Qualified staff, taking into account all the wishes of his client. The work was completed in on time. I was completely satisfied with the result! Thank you very much!

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2013-10-31

"High efficiency, constant availability of communication"

Rarely professional work! Excellent taste, courageous solutions, high efficiency, constant availability of communication and a completely realistic price - this is by no means a complete characteristic of the company. The result - the neighbors opened their mouths and went crazy with delight! Thanks guys, especially Oxana!

★★★★★★★ 7 from 7
, 2013-10-02

"Fully answered all our questions and doubts"

Our work with Archi.Capital began when we could not achieve the desired results on the façade design on our own. The company positions itself as a design company with a narrow specialization, which immediately struck us as interesting and hopeful of success. Before the start of the work the employees of the company quickly and fully answered all our questions and doubts, after which in a short time we began to design. The first sketches hit the mark and we were able to quickly choose a design direction. Within three weeks we iteratively came to the necessary result and in a month after the start of work we had a ready album to implement at the site. I was left with a sense of high professionalism and a result-oriented approach to working with specialists. I will definitely recommend the company to my friends and acquaintances.

, 2013-07-10

"It was exactly the house I wanted to see"

I thank Archi Capital for the beautifully done design of the facade of my house. The house is 13 years old. There was a vague desire to improve, lacked style. I was lucky, I worked with Valentina Mahova, a very talented, sweet girl. She asked not to say anything about my wishes, to see what she would draw, and then we'll discuss. A few days later she sent me the design and we didn't have to discuss anything. I happily accepted everything without additions - it was exactly the house I wanted to see.

, 2013-07-19

"I liked working with this company"

I liked working with this company. Nowadays, it's hard to find a good contractor who is faithful to his work and promises. The guys did everything at the highest level, the shortcomings and comments were eliminated immediately. My wife and I were SATISFIED! If I were to recommend this company to my friends, I would answer in the affirmative.

, 2013-07-12

"Very pleased with the selection of materials for finishing"

I want to say thank you very much for the quality work and pleasant communication. All of our numerous and contradictory wishes were taken into account in the work, reasonable recommendations for structural changes in the architecture of the house were given. The design of the house was still in development, but all the changes that were made in the project, were promptly taken into account in the development of project facades. Very pleased with the selection of materials for finishing, because in addition to design features, has been taken into account and the price point. Visualization above all praise. At present the house is at the stage of working documentation. It is like a long-awaited baby that our whole family is waiting for.

, June 16

"I am sure we will cooperate again"

It's nice to work with business people who appreciate your time, talk little, but work well. I was genuinely surprised at how quickly we found our style, and then all we had to do was then we only had to polish it - and this after the first visit to the site. Work to win - this is not beautiful words, but really working scheme, Alexey patiently and quickly made changes and suggested options. Well done! I wish you success in creativity and business, I am sure we will cooperate again.

, 2013-02-12

"I was extremely pleased and happy to work with you"

Many thanks to your team for the highest professionalism, creativity and customer focus. You have realized in your project my dream of a house with a capital letter. You know how to hear what the customer nurtures in his mind, but he may not even be fully aware of his "wants. I was extremely pleased and happy to work with you. And now, when my friends, knowing how I suffered with the previous designers, wondering who did the project, I am pleased to say: "Archi Capital". The best advertising is work done with love for your profession. Well done! And your attitude to the customer is just bribing.

, 2012-07-06

If you are our client, write your review, please.

At what stage should you apply?

We work on different stages: project of the future house, «box», old finish. The the earlier you come to us, the more changes you can make if you need to.

How does design start and go?

Everything starts with designating the task and getting to know the object from photos or a project.
A manager can come to the site, to the office or home — wherever it is convenient for our customers. Complete remote interaction is also practiced.
In a week, the model of the house and the first sketches are usually ready. In the next three to six weeks, architects and visualizers are looking for and refining the image of the facade.
Next comes the turn of engineers and estimators who develop technical solutions. This stage is less creative, therefore more predictable: a project album is created within two weeks.

Will it work with my complicated house?

We will only take on the house if we are confident in our abilities and usefulness. And we guarantee that if you are not satisfied with our work within one month, we will refund your money - there is such a clause in the contract.

How many design variations are there?

We do not limit the number of variations. We develop the design consistently, in dialogue. We move from the variety to your unique favorite. There may be restrictions on the duration of unconstructively protracted projects.

Will the builders be able to do it right?

For this, we prepare a project of finishing. There are installation diagrams, dimensions, trim details, elements, trim pies, explanations, installation instructions, coverage areas to purchase. We also provide engineering and construction supervision.

Can I buy building materials for the project?

Yes, we provide real materials from reliable suppliers in your area. In addition, according to the bill of materials, you will be able to get quotes from any other suppliers not specified in the project.

Why do I need the Facade Finishing Project?

In order not to make a mistake with the beauty and technology. Spending money in work and materials, without a project you get unpredictable in appearance and, most likely, incorrectly mounted facade. Even experienced architects have to look for a solution, checking ideas in 3D, and builders need instructions for proper installation. Here's more background on the subject of facade design.

How much do finishing materials cost?

We think about the budget. As the Russian poetess Akhmatova said: "I wish you knew the kind of garbage heap, wild verses grow on, paying shame no heed". The main thing is not the high cost of materials, but the magic combination of shapes, textures and colors.

Examples of work

Here are 50 examples grouped. Behind each picture is a separate project — a story of relationships with a client and his family, individually designed facades and transformed houses.

Contemporary Style Facade
Contemporary Style Facade. Wooden Planken, Brick and White Stucco
Contemporary Style Facade. Wooden Planken, Brick and White Stucco
Contemporary Style Facade, Vertical Red Cedral Click
Contemporary style cottage façade with swimming pool. Planken and gray stone
Facade in modern style. Gray fiber cement boarding, black railings
House with roof terrace. Travertine facade finish
Facade design of a large house with sandstone finish. Modern Classical
Modern chalet with decorative beige panels and planken
African-inspired modern house facade
Facade of an elongated two-story house in modern style. Ceramic inlays
The façade of a small modern house with a pincushion
Facade of lead-colored house with active square and white railings
The facade of a large modern house. The recreation ground in front of the house
Facade of industrial style house. Glass and framed frames. Dark wood
Contemporary styles.
Mosaic façade project. beige brick, blue roof
Renovation of a house with an attic. Metal railings with colored glass. Lemon stucco
Oriental style facade project in brown brick with blue majolica
Facade of brick house with portico and decorative inserts. Turquoise mosaic
Front of an ardeco style country house
The façade of an English private house in the patterned style
Unusual private house façade with mansard
Mottled façade of a single-story house. Fachwerk, yellow stucco, blue accents
Dark brown fiber cement board facade. Wood details in muffled green.
White brick façade with large green panels of flowers and storks
Dark chocolate-colored brick facade
Travertine façade with Art Nouveau pergola
White stucco facade in ardeco style
Ornamental styles.
Marsala house facade. Stucco and dark brick, with Bavarian masonry
Brick facade design
Gothic style brick facade of house, in Moscow region. Basement made of white stone
Facade of the house in Flanders style
Facade of the house in Flandrian style. Light top, dark bottom
Small house in beige with terrace
House Facade. Orange stucco, brown stone on plinth
Western European styles.
Facade design in the style of the Deauville commune
Facade of a small half-timbered house. first floor brown plank, second floor light beige plaster
Modern facade of a chalet-style house. Decorative vertical planks
Flanders-style townhouse façade (Deauville)
Facade of a house with a carport
Bright yellow half-timbered house
Chalet-style facade with a small terrace in Moscow
Facade of chalet house with interesting column design
Facade of a half-timbered house with a white wooden fence and striped brickwork
Facade of house in muted colors
Half-timbered and chalet.
A large private house in the Empire style
Facade design of a house in a classic Mediterranean style
English mansion facade design. Beige brick. Copper visor over the entrance.
Facade of huge empire style house. white marble
Facade of a three-story Flanders-style house with opulent decorations and a large garage
Beige Empire Style Facade Project
Gothic style facade design in the suburbs
Facade of a large empire style house with sgraffito paintings
Mediterranean style facade project
Project of the façade of a multi-storey house
Facade of a house in classical style. The first floor is pink, the second floor is milky
Classicism and Mediterranean.
Cottage facade with Empire style rustics
English-style office building facade design
The facade of an English mansion in the Art Nouveau style
Design project of English style facade decoration
Dark facade of a private house in Georgian style
Small house decorated with decorative elements on the facade
English mansion facade in dark brick and beige decor
English style facade with terrace. Dark Burgundy brick
British style.


Determine the price group by the number of openings (windows, doors, gates).

Small house
up to 12
more than 38

Sketch concept

$ 2,200
  • - Analysis of photos and measurements.
  • - 3D modelling for accurate sketches.
  • - Sketches of the facades of the house (up to 5 variants).
  • - List of basic materials without quantities.
  • - PDF album of sketches.

Complete facade project

$ 2,600
  • - Sketches.
  • - 3D visualization.
  • - List of finish materials with volumes.
  • - Specification of elements and decorations.
  • - Suppliers of materials.
  • - Installation plan.
  • - Fixing points for coatings and insulation.
  • - External lighting.
  • - Work instructions.
  • - Two A3 printed albums (for you and the builders).
  • - 3D model in the new design.

The price depends on the complexity of the house and the topography. We will name the exact amount if you send a photo or project of the house.

If you need to remodel the roof, add a floor, add a patio or a carport, the cost of the project may increase.

Garage, up to 6 openings, in style of the main house — $ 1,500.

Author's supervision — at negotiated price depending on tasks.

Payment for complete projects consists of two parts. First is 55%. The rest after agreeing the main view. Methods of payment: paypal, transfer on a card, bank transfer.

Show house / Order facade

Attach photos, drawings


We work remotely all over the world.

Facade design guide

  • What house facade will tell people around you.
  • 5 ways to clarify what you expect from your façade.
  • The most important color design scales.
  • How to find your style and decoration.
  • About materials ageing.

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