Nicole Climanova

An interesting project with an idea that appeals to me - eco-friendliness and the union of opposites, exclusive luxury goods and recycled materials.

For the new Bulgari store in Shanghai, MVRDV created a green jade façade made of brass and recycled champagne and beer bottles.

The art deco architecture is reminiscent of Shanghai itself, a blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

The panels are made of sintered green glass with a translucent effect, which looks very effective.

And the gold-colored brass trim makes a reference to jade jewelry.

At night, the lighting further enhances the unique textural quality of the glass and is designed for minimal energy consumption of the facade.

This is the third Bulgari store whose facade was designed by MVRDV. In Kuala Lumpur, the store has a marble facade with gold veining and in Bangkok also a combination of brass and glass, but in warm yellow hues and with more emphasis on the openings.

Bulgari store in Kuala Lumpur.
Bulgari store in Kuala Lumpur.
Bulgari store in Bangkok.
Bulgari store in Bangkok.

Nicole Climanova

4-story building in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 16 meters tall, built with 99%;recycled materials.

Alessandro Zena, the architect, shows with his project the great possibilities of recycling materials and that they can also be used to build fairly high buildings.

Because the building is close to a train station, the old platform sections were used for the foundations, and the old yellow signboards were incorporated into the facade.

The window was restored from a postwar garage designed by Willem Dudok, a famous Dutch modernist architect.

The foundation of the building is made of cellular glass, a material created from recycled glass that can no longer be turned into glass. It's a very robust material, plus it can be used again after demolition.

The floors are made with a mix of cement and recycled concrete, reducing the amount of cement used by 20%.

The main building material is laminated lumber from the demolition of a school in Rotterdam.

In order to reinforce the environmental message, one of the façade walls is covered with a wooden mosaic made from leftover building material, and it serves as a refuge for birds, insects and bats.

The building already houses designer offices and a business center, and by the end of 2021 plans to open a store with recycled materials and a garden on the top floor.

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