Alex Vatavu

New big style

What style of home is timidly gaining momentum to unfold in the future? It's the mega-trend that's exciting the decades, not the seasonal furniture sales, that's interesting.

I believe we are moving toward «big ethnicity» a style that points to the vernacular and, with globalization, to the natural.

Most would agree that ethnic, it's more of a low, rustic style, rustic houses. For thousands of years, architecture has reflected the trappings of power. Even the «modern»styles of the turn of the century extolled the power of technology.

But architecture follows society. Today we teach children to value each other, not as subjects of their king and country, not as an appendix to a shovel or a computer, but as citizens of the earth. It becomes a shame to have a personal palace, even if you are rich, and not ashamed to live moderately, to help the disadvantaged.

Earthlings will repopulate Mars, architects will rethink the past, dig beyond crusades and redivisions of empires to reach common roots.

This is the new fashion — mixing the image of Mediterranean shacks into Western styles. And, of course, the flourishing of eco-architecture, which lacks, however, human flavor.

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