Alex Vatavu

Dangerous Trim

It is obvious that the most popular building material of our clients — aerated concrete. In second place, by a margin, is porous ceramic block. The rest of the capital materials, rather exotic. I think this popularity remains beyond our analysis, in the middle and northern strip of Russia.

For cold regions so far have not come up with the ideal wall option, so these non-ideal materials people prefer quite reasonably.

We give our customers technical solutions for finishing walls and protect them from mistakes. But there are more readers than customers. So I want to warn readers: these materials are not afraid of precipitation, as many think, the enemy of these materials — moisture inside the house.

The biggest misunderstanding for builders and workers is that in winter, moisture from inside a warm house escapes heavily through the porous walls into the cold, dry environment. Gas and ceramic blocks, it's a sieve for steam.

So people!!! Don't lock up moisture in walls with a finishing or insulation layer! It's dangerous to both the finish and the integrity of the whole house. I write this because I've seen too many houses foolishly mangled by improper finishing.

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