12 shades of white

Baumit has introduced a new palette for StarTop and CreativTop plasters.

In 2011 Baumit developed Europe's most extensive range of colors. Baumit has developed Europe's largest palette of 888 facade colors.

In 2021 2021 the company added a further 12 shades of white. The company is adding 12 more white shades in 2021;in response to the widespread demand for pastel colors in the interior materials and a desire to think about color design in the future.

The designer of the palette, Wilfried Spanring, says that the different shades of white help accentuate the decorations by providing a contrast of colors in a way that's unique to you.

Baumit StarTop —a ready-to-use silicone-binder paste decorative plaster with high vapor permeability and dirt resistance.

Baumit CreativTop is a thin-bodied, silicone resin-based decorative modeling plaster for creating different facade textures.

Baumit — an international company producing a wide range of building materials. Paints, plasters, primers, adhesives, insulations, etc. The company was founded in Austria in 1911, the Baumit brand was registered in 1988. At the moment we have 28 factories in various European countries.

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