DETON - the new concrete. An environmentally friendly carbon-free alternative

The German company DETON has developed a unique formula for a building material that is as strong as concrete, but more environmentally friendly and superior in thermal insulation properties.

Conventional concrete uses gravel and sand as the filler, and cement mortar as the binder.

In DETON the main filler is foamed recycled glass. The tiny pores are filled with gas, this increases the insulating properties. The binder in DETON is natural resins, and instead of reinforcing inserts - plant fibers. They provide thermal conductivity and prevent cracking. For a wall thickness of 50 centimeters DETON insulation has a thermal conductivity λ < 0.185 W / m - K.

Production of Deton does not require the addition of bitumen or cement, the CO2 emissions are 100% less than the production of conventional concrete. In addition DETON can be dismantled and completely reused.

By the end of 2021 several projects are planned in Germany using the DETON material. The creators see the future of the material in its use for 3D printing of houses and are working on developments in this direction.

The DETON Group was founded in 2017 in Bonn, Germany. It is engaged in the development of innovative building materials, as well as 3D modeling of concrete.

A patent has already been filed for the use of the created DETON material in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Approval from the German Institute for Construction Technology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) is expected by 2023.

DETON Construction GmbH is currently carrying out construction projects throughout Germany as a general contractor.

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