We at DK monitor the parameters of our customers' homes and preferences, using end-to-end production and sales analytics.

The most striking trend that strikes my eye is the more than doubling of aerated concrete homes. At moment I would call it a victory march of gas concrete in Moscow&and the Moscow region&and and most likely& throughout& Russia.

Let's compare. Here's what we see over the entire history of detailed accounting of our customers. You can count over 10 years, as a percentage:


And here are the last 70 projects (you can count the last year), in percentages:


The houses are usually built season early. That is, this is the picture of the last two years of development. Aside from the obvious, you can see that there is no pent concrete at all, thanks to the large number of autoclave production facilities.

I'd like to point out that these are statistics only for the houses we work with. Usually these are capital houses for year-round living and houses that«lend themselves&to»facade design.

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