Alex Vatavu

Architecture portrays architecture

This story began long ago. At first, ancient architects designed sculptural compositions: gods, palm trees, plants (ornaments) - they were essentially artists depicting nature in stone. Then the Greeks began to build stone temples depicting wooden houses, the everyday work of carpenters.

If you look at the Doric order, it is an exaggerated depiction of a wooden verandah with a canopy: pillars (columns), ends of joists-prostruts (triglyphs), ends of rafters (mutules) and even nail hats (gutta). And the real fragments and joints of the structure are masked, and others are depicted.

It is difficult to create the new. Ume clings to patterns. A century ago, Corbusier advised treating the house as a mechanism, a step revolutionary, but still with a reference to the other. Carriages and the first automobiles were created in the form of baroque houses on wheels. The facade decor carefully depicts the houses and materials of bygone centuries.

The fear of being oneself is a generic trauma of architecture.

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