Alex Vatavu

Window frames on the outside

In new houses, window frames are like black eyes - they ruin anyone's face. They come to us too late to avoid it.

I see websites "selling" only the inside of a window, but for a private home, the outside is important and always visible, because windows are the focal points. And the outside looks really bad. There are no classic frames or modern frames. They all look like some inexpressive washup - it seems that the frame was made of children's sausage balls. I will not mention the bluish-white color, it is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Don't let yourself be fooled. Choose frames that are beautiful inside and out. The window should have intricately detailed bevels on the outside, classically shaped or sharply outlined, depending on the style. If you're thinking about facade design, think about the expressiveness of the window frames first.

One of the great glamour and beauty of the classic style is still the double glazed windows. Such windows are particularly expressive and have just the right amount of depth. Nowadays, you can find modern double-frame windows with double glazing and partial glazing that look exactly like the best classic windows.

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