Nicole Climanova

3D tours of famous Moscow mansions

Morozova's Mansion on Spiridonovka.

Moscow is rich in interesting architectural heritage, but most of these buildings can be visited only several times a year, on certain dates, associated with celebrations.

The good news is there is a program to develop virtual tours of Moscow mansions.

Now you can take your time looking at the details of legendary works by F. Shekhtel, A. Grigoriev, L. Kekushev, and others.

For example, the Derozhinskaya's Mansion in the Kropotkinsky lane.

Built in the late 19th century it is less famous than other buildings designed by F. Shekhtel, but no doubt equally interesting.

A giant window on the entire wall, a huge marble fireplace, and all the furniture created according to the drawings of F. Shekhtel.

Or the Korobkova's Mansion on Pyatnitskaya with caryatids, wreaths, and mascarons on the façade, and the lion on the turret, typical of L. Kekushev.

Korobkova's Mansion on Pyatnitskaya.
The dominant feature inside is the grand staircase with luxurious forging.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of Moscow Art Nouveau and be inspired by the talented architecture.

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