Interior Design


What does it mean to dive into details? That's what we call working with real houses and real people. Very often in interior design the words "quickly", "easily", "no problems" are used. Marketers do their best to create a sense of ease in the process.

In practice this means working according to a template, unwillingness to get into, be attentive, overcome difficulties and even more so to remodel. If the client does not like the design, that is his problem. In essence, this sells a pre-planned product, rather than a willingness to go the hard way for the client.

If you bring the work to the end, it is not the case that a demanding customer from two sketches in the flow chooses one and then everything went "easily" and "no problem.

We understand that it is not so tempting to go the hard way. I want to believe that someone manages to do everything with a snap of their fingers. For us, however, designing an interior is a process that requires many hours, days, months of careful work by experienced people.

Diving into the details leads to a real result.

Interior Design
Dining room interior design
We do not do apartments, offices, restaurants. Staircases, fireplaces, cabinets, closets, attics, terraces, second lights, saunas, pools, ventilation - none of this is in apartments. We know how country houses work.
We do not mix design and decoration works. We have a real design studio (with a ten-year history), not a department in a construction firm. For us, good design is a goal and a condition of existence; for builders, it is a delay before finishing.


So that the costs do not exceed the value of the new interior.


We create interiors for many scenarios and amenities.


Attention to light and sound to create comfort and mood.



Beauty, instead of special effects. Elevate, not dazzle.


To inspire new discoveries. Good at home, more interesting over the horizon!


Furniture and materials must become better from human touch.


3D view, layout; sweep of floors, walls, ceilings; lighting, electrical schemes; bill of materials; specifications of doors, furniture, plumbing (equipment); heating.
  • Measurement drawing.
  • Planning options.
  • Sketch plans with arrangement of furniture.
  • 3D-visualization of the premises.
  • Reconstruction plan, explication of premises.
  • Demolishable and buildable partitions.
  • Arrangement of furniture and sanitary ware.
  • Plan and scheme of floor coverings.
  • Ceilings with finishing materials.
  • Location of electrical elements.
  • List of room finishing.
  • Specification of doors, opening scheme, openings.
  • Lighting organization and control scheme.
  • Placing of sockets and outlets.
  • Installation of underfloor heating with regulators.
  • Complex elements of the ceilings.
  • Detailed finishes, tile layout, parquet.
  • Layouts of walls with trim.
  • Decorative elements (arches, niches).
  • List of materials and equipment.

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